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Esta oferta de estágio está inserida no PROGRAMA DE BOLSAS ESTÁGIOS do SANTANDER UNIVERSIDADES, programa promovido pelo Banco Santander para promoção da ligação Universidade - Empresa! Para ver se a tua Instituição de Ensino Superior já aderiu ao programa e podes participar acede a bolsasdeestagiosantander.pt/. Candidata-te já! We’re not a logistics company with technology working for the fashion market. We’re a Tech Fashion Startup shaping the Supply Chain of the future. Our four founders and an early-adopter brand started this path in 2015 and we’ve rapidly grown into a global business of 50 labels from 3 different continents, delivering the beauty of the fashion dream in over 500k pieces to 88 countries worldwide. To keep on growing we need the right people to engage with apparel and to build and develop great software. Spoke is our tech product that brings full visibility, flexibility and control to the fashion universe like never before, enabling hundreds of brands to globally scale their business.


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Cidade: Maia

Nº de Empleados: 151 - 300