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Estágio Profissional Engenharia Informática

Consultoria, formação, desenvolvimento e exploração de sistemas na área das TIC - Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação - Telecomunicações

Readiness IT (RiT) is a company with strong experience in telecommunications. We are experts on Telco integrations for digital transformation programs.
Our core team has 15+ years of experience in high profile integration projects with a deep knowledge of the challenges and problems that this kind of projects face.
Our value proposition is the combination of know how and solution finding aligned with standards’ best practices. Additionally, the innovative way we integrate hands-on experience and expert knowledge with our RIT Academies model, enables us to address in an agile way our customers’ needs and deliver high quality integration services.
We promote cooperation with Universities and other I&D institutes worldwide, positioning ourselves as a true knowledge provider, both in the market and in the industry in general. Every project is as an unique opportunity to learn and share knowledge and value with our customers.

What are we looking for:
• Young people graduated in IT domains;
• Knowledge of programming concepts;
• Java and Object Oriented knowledge;
• JavaScript knowledge;
• SQL knowledge;
• Verbal and writing skills in English (mandatory);
• Spanish knowledge is a plus;
• Worldwide availability to travel;
• Open minded people

What can you expect:
• Exciting international projects;
• 9 month paid internship at RiT Academy (Fundão);
• Above average paid internships;
• Opportunity to learn cutting edge technologies;
• Continuous on the job training;
• Career in an innovative and specialist company;
• Support to find a house;
• Possibility of integrating our team after the internship.

Send us your resume and tell us why you want to JOIN US!

Estágio profissional/Bolsa de Estágio
Estágio Profissional Engenharia Informática (Engenharia)
10 Ofertas

Fundão (Localização Castelo Branco)


Estudos mínimos Licenciatura / Mestrado Integrado
Área de Conhecimento 1. Engenharia e Técnicas Afins
Requisitos mínimos • Knowledge of programming concepts;
• Java and Object Oriented knowledge;
• JavaScript knowledge;
• SQL knowledge;
• Worldwide availability to travel;
• Open minded people
Idiomas Inglês ( Leitura: Nivel avançado / Escrita: Nivel avançado / Conversa: Nivel avançado )
Software java (Utilizador)
javascript (Utilizador)
SQL (Utilizador)


Tipo de contrato Estágio profissional
Horário de trabalho Horário a tempo inteiro

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